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Our Cardify team vision is simple: continue to employ the most relevant and gifted people.
Our core consumer is technology minded and forward thinking and for that reason, so are our interns. Both their insight and understanding is key to the success of this brand. We strive to ensure we offer the very best in internship experiences, so it's imperative that placement students give their very best in return.

Open positions

Business Development Representative

Location: Ghent Office, Belgium

Type: internship

Data Analyst

Location: Ghent Office, Belgium

Type: internship or student job

Digital Marketeer

Location: Ghent Office, Belgium

Type: internship


Which locations do you hire in?
Our rapid growth rate requires us to be very hands-on with every member of the team. That is why we only accept candidates who can be present at our headquarters in Ghent, Belgium.

What's the hiring process?
First of all, we only accept full applications (answering everything asked). This application will be reviewed by our talent team. Only if they feel that there could be a synergy, you will be contacted to schedule a first round phone or video interview. Here we'll ask you about your interests, lifegoals,.. totally about you.
If we are still convinced of your profile you'll be asked to have another interview including more technical/functional/practical questions.

When should I apply?
We are accepting new hires on a rolling basis. Usually 30 days after your initial application.

What are the eligibility requirements for interns?
Unfortunately, Belgian law prevents us from hiring interns who are not supported by their institution. We recommend to seek advice from your program manager if your institution supports voluntairy internships. Most do.
This implies that we require you to be enrolled in an academic institution during the period of your internship. Besides this:
- Interns can be undergraduate or graduate level;
- Must submit a full application;
- Able to commit at least 24h / week in a 6 week program.

When do you have internships?
We have internships all year round together with supporting co-op programs. In summer we have a special 'free' internship where we focus on particular skillsets and points of development of the applicant.

Are internships paid?
No. We do not offer paid internships at the moment. This will likely change in the future. We do offer you a bunch of advantages and goodies though.

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